Mary had a little lamb - by Minoru Betsuyaku

2011年10月 2日 (日)

Mary had a little Lamb (No.2)

This page is a supplementary explanation of that.


As I wrote before, Minoru Betsuyaku is the pioneer of the
absurd drama in Japan.

He has been making his enormous pieces ever since 1961.
“Mary had a little lamb” is one of his excellent works, that
was written in 1983 for the late Nobuo Nakamura, Noboru
Mitani and Minako Ide.

Thereafter, the play was first staged on January in
1984 at Jean-Jean Theater in Shibuya.  And the play had
presented again and again after that. (The director had been Ryoji Kishida)
And then, after Mr. Nakamura passed away, the member has
changed as now.(The director has been Satoru Yamashita)

Unfortunately, the theater that had many regular customers,
was closed in 2000. The first time on the stage by new
member was at Jean-Jean Theater in that year. It was one of
the last plays as the memory of the theater.
After that we put this play on the stage at some different

Performance record (上演記録) and photograph(フォトギャラリー) can be found on the category that are the left part of the blog.

Come to see and enjoy the world of Minoru Betsuyaku!

Mary had a little lamb - by Minoru Betsuyaku(No.1)

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Have you ever heard of Minoru Betsuyaku?
Betsuyaku is a very well known playwright in contemporary Japanese theater, a pioneer of the absurd drama in Japan, strongly influenced by Samuel Beckett.

Betsuyaku's characters in his play usually has no names, and characters often speak each other with the words that does not make any sense.
You will be drawn into his world immediately.

I'm sure that  it has worth watching! Don't miss it!

More information of our performance in English is here ▶▶▶


An old man(Man 1) is talking about Mary and Tom boy of his old memory with his locomotive train on a dinning table.
Nobody knows the scenery on the dining table is his dream or a reality.
After a while a visitor(Man 2) appears there.
They don't know each other but they are chatting peacefully.
However, Man2 is getting to be involved in Man1's memories. But is it true? Who is the visitor?
Why he visits there? Is everything really being there or not?