Information in English 《2012》

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"Mary had a little lamb" that was written by Minoru Betsuyaku, will  be staged from Oct. 29 to  Nov. 4 at the mini-theater Rakuen in Shimokitazawa.

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★The stage information★


                  15:00    17:00              19:30

  10月29(Mon)                            ●   

  10月30(Tue)                              ●   

  10月31(Wed) SOLD OUT                                  .

  11月 1(Thu)                                ●   

  11月 2(Fri)                                ●   
  11月 3(Sat)    SOLD OUT_______Special Event! (Check the below)   

  11月 4(Sun) SOLD OUT 皆様のご来場おまちしております


★Special Event: From 17:00to 18:30 :¥1500
   The Memories of Mr. Nobuo Nakamura.
  He had been acted A MAN-1 from the
   first performance until 1989.

flairYou can join the event ¥1000 if you have
    the ticket of this play 2012.


shineThe theater reception is open from 1 hour before. 

《Tickets Prices with tax》
an advance ticket :¥3,500-
a ticket on the day of the play : ¥3,900-

Note : Please don't be late. No admittance during performance. Doors open at 30 minutes before each performance begins.

flairIf you did not come to the theater 5 minutes before the opening, we will assume you have canceled.

《The reservation 》

flairTickets for today, we don't accept e-mail. Please contact us by phone.

◎Mobile Phone:090-3247-4937(Sorry, phone reception is only in Japanese)

shineBy the day before the performance can be booked by phone and fax.

● Fax : 03-6279-6522 (Available in English)

●E-mail:  (Available in English)

Please write down the subject as below.

Subject:  Tickets Reservation for "Mary had a little Lamb"

With below informationflair

(1) The day 

(2) Time

(3) The number of tickets      

that you would like to see.

(4) Your full name

(5) E-mail address

(6) Your phone number for direct contact.

Thereafter, we will reply to you as confirmation ASAP.

flairIf no response from us within one day, please call us again.

(090-3247-4937) In these cases, please inform us about (1) - (6) again.  

sign01 Sorry, phone reception is only in Japanese.

flairTicket fee will be in exchange with your tickets at the theater on the day.





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